American Propaganda from the World War II Era and on, a look into the long-standing and close relationship between Hollywood and the Government.

The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler (1958)

Westbrook Van Vorhees narrates this 1958 television documentary about the nazi regime.
The Secret Life of Adolph Hitler is a 1950's television documentary special that includes interviews with Hitler's sister Paula Wolf and a fellow prisoner who was incarcerated with Hitler, actual footage shot by the Nazi's and Eva Braun's rare home movies.
Director: Walter D. Engels

The Last Bomb (1945)

Academy Award-nominated documentary, which shows the 21st Bombing Command and its role in the B-29 bombing of Japan and the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO).
Documentary of the planning and delivery of the last great bomber attack on the city of Tokyo by the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II.
Director: Frank Lloyd

My Japan (1945)

CONTENT ADVISORY: Explicit racism and Violence.
Complex and disturbing anti-Japanese propaganda film produced to spur the sale of U.S. war bonds. 

Published by the U.S. Treasury Department-

Prepared for the 7th War Loan, 1945.Ken Smith sez: This World War II film operates on a number of very strange conceptual levels. A caucasian actor -- made to look Japanese -- sits behind a desk and tells us that Americans have many misconceptions about the Japanese people (for example, that a Japanese actor would willingly play this role). "We don't have big teeth and thick glasses," he hisses through his taped-back cheeks. He then proceeds to show us what Japan and the Japanese are REALLY like."You think you can defeat us by wiping out a few, inexpensive lives," he snickers. "We are not like you!" As we are shown what the narrator claims is captured Japanese war footage, we are told that that the Japanese people are brutally "realistic," and willing to sacrifice everything for their ultimate goal -- "to win the war."The narrator mocks Americans as being too soft -- a nation of dreamers. "We think you're stupid!" he snorts. "You can destroy Japan's cities with your bombs, but you cannot destroy its heart!"Were the producers of this film trying to create an American version of Japanese propaganda? Or were they told to create something that would justify (at least in the public's mind) America's anticipated bloody invasion of Japan? Whatever its makers' intentions, My Japan stands as a unique -- and decidedly racist -- film.My Japan, one of the most unusual documentary films ever made, dares to question America's invincibility. But I wonder whether in fact it's the unheralded first film of the atomic age. Is it too far out to imagine that its real purpose was to desensitize Americans to the horrors of the A-bomb? By citing American weaknesses and vulnerabilities and seeming to praise Japanese patriotism, strength and resolve, it challenges Americans to support a strategy of total war. Its stealthy assertion: that the Japanese military machine will not be broken without an unprecedented effort. It supports this assertion by presenting highly charged and emotional images with an bogus "insider" narration that is at once deceptive and inflammatory.My Japan is constructed largely from newsreel film, combat photography and captured Japanese images. To most of us today, it all looks pretty much like old black-and-white stock footage. What we don't remember is the power that many of its images used to carry in the public mind. During World War II, images of the Japanese siege of Nanking, China were often used to inflame anti-Japanese passions. Shots of the attack on Pearl Harbor fulfilled the same function; at the war's outset they were embargoed by American authorities, who feared the consequences of showing images of an America caught unawares and defeated. When it later became possible to recontextualize Pearl Harbor as a focus of anger and popular vengeance, the shots were seen over and over again. Unlike many other World War II propaganda films, My Japan shows actual atrocities -- executions, beheaded heads and bodies, the stumps of severed limbs. The mobilization of all of these inflammatory images, and more, supports the idea that this film advocates total war against Japan." are the enemy...". How many films begin so provocatively? War creates, and then is sustained by, two levels of enemies. One, the actual military opponent on the battlefield, constructs itself. The other level of enemy, the dehumanized "Other," is a creation of our own minds, often aided by propaganda. Constructing an enemy is a sophisticated effort that employs crude tactics: ignorance, oversimplification, and simplistic appeals to patriotism. And patriotism itself often draws strength from the existence of a constructed enemy. Wartime media show the pervasiveness of this process; the evidence is on this disc in the Archives section under "Constructing an Enemy." Advertisements similar to those shown in that supplement were deemed too sensitive to include in Life magazine's recent reprints of some 1945 issues. A review of Gulf War news coverage will show, however, that this process is still in fashion.It's understandable, whether or not justifiable, that warring nations divide the world into allies and enemies. But the "enemy" as pictured in My Japan is more than simply an opposing army. "You cannot destroy Japan," says the narrator in his ersatz accent, "because you cannot destroy the Japanese people." And the Japanese people are, in the film's twisted way, pictured as an inhuman race, without compassion, and described as tireless, fanatical workers who lack the desire and capacity for leisure and enjoyment. "They work longer hours than you do, twice as long, quite often. Why not? They're not working for the clock. They're working to win the war." But these characterizations of an enemy are not based on any kind of reality. Rather, they are created in relation to some supposed American weaknesses: "How we suffer when you do not have a full tank of gasoline. How devastated we are at the sight of you jammed into pleasure trains. How we tremble when you have to wait to get into the movies, restaurants and nightclubs....You are a nation of bargain-hunters." Our anger at finding ourselves too materialistic and selfish is invoked so that it can be turned against the enemy of the moment.
My Japan adopts the pretense that the "Japanese" narrator is confiding in us, telling us secrets, exposing the true nature of his society. "Captured Japanese film" is invoked, furthering the "insider" feeling. It pretends to be a critique of popular consciousness, to deconstruct a myth. "How sad to disillusion you...and how easy, easy because you do not know the Japanese, you only think you do, and you're wrong.""We are Japan -- a mountain, a spiderweb, a flame that feeds on hate of you." My Japan charges the Japanese with atrocious conduct, but is itself charged with viciousness and brutality, both in the images it presents and in the way it's edited. Its producers (whose identities are unknown) were skilled polemicists, geniuses who, in their own way, were as evilly minded as the killers represented in the footage.Ultimately, My Japan sets the stage for total war. It implies that nothing less will be sufficient to defeat an enemy like Japan. And this is the argument that was invoked to support the decision to drop the atomic bomb; an argument that resurfaced in summer 1995 around an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution recalling the bomber Enola Gay. We cannot know whether My Japan's producers were privy to the secrets of the Manhattan Project, but we can assert that propagandists bear as much responsibility as generals.

Japanese Relocation

by U.S. Office of War Information

Distributed and Exhibited Under the Auspices of the War Activities Committee of the Motion Picture Industry- Published ca. 1943
Narr. by Milton S. Eisenhower, director of the War Relocation Authority. An historical record of the transfer of Japanese residents from the Pacific Coast to the American Interior as carried out the the U.S. Army and the War Relocation Authority. 100,000 people of Japanese ancestry, two-thirds of them American citizens. Special attention given to possibility of sabotage & espionage.
"Japanese themselves cheerfully handled the enormous paperwork involved." Alludes to the auctioning of personal property by government agencies and businessmen, saying that it "often involved financial sacrifice for the evacuees." Narration says that evacuees "cooperated wholeheartedly," noting that "the many loyal among them felt that this was a sacrifice that they could make in behalf of America's war effort."
Bus and private car caravans, shopkeepers' stores, homes, restaurants, fishing boats are shown. Temporary quarters were in "assembly centers," at race tracks , and fair grounds. San Anita (sp.?) race track , a community of 17,000.
Depicts camp life: cafeteria, church services, nursery schools, people engaged in war-related work (making camouflage nets for army). Building new quarters in the desert for the final movement to the relocation camps. Smiling Japanese people being carted off on trains. Medical facilities, Americanization classes, schools, internal government, barracks-style housing, irrigation projects in desert.
Some evacuees were "permitted" to become fieldhands in sugar beet fields under appropriate safeguards. Describes the goal of the relocation as achieved when "all adult hands" are engaged in "productive work on public land or in private employment." And when "the disloyal have left this country for good."
Relocation seen as a humane act "setting the standard for the rest of the world in the treatment of people who may have loyalties to an enemy nation, protecting ourselves without violating the principles of Christian decency."
- San Pedro, CA

News Parade:

Bombing of Pearl Harbor 

Propaganda used to insight fear and resentment toward Japanese people among Americans, these newsreels were used to insight anger among the American population in order to garner the public support needed to enter WWII. 

The New Spirit by Walt Disney Studios 

Propaganda for Children

In 1942 Walt Disney Studios created this short film for the US Treasury Department. 

Donald Duck learns that his tax dollars are going toward the war effort.

It was nominated for an Academy Award in 1943 for Best Documentary.

All Together

In 1941 Walt Disney produced this short film, which promotes Canadian War Bonds, for the Canadian government.
Published 1941

This Article is dedicated to all the activists we have lost over the years, this is dedicated to MarShawn, and so many more.

MarShawn M. McCarrel is much more than just an Activist who committed suicide on the steps of the Columbus Statehouse steps, MarShawn McCarel was a young man I never had the pleasure to meet, but he is a man who left a lasting impression on me, a man I may have never known about had it not been for the tragic circumstances that led to me discovering who this man is; a light out of all this darkness?

Why does it take someone dying, for us to take notice? Why did he feel like he had to take his life just to be heard? Was it just too much to take?
Losing someone to suicide is by far one of the absolute worse things that can happen to the ones they leave behind, the questions it raises are so overwhelming for the loved ones left behind it just dulls the senses, it's hard to feel, hard to ever recover; but this too will pass, one day this pain will be useful to us, and one day even if we may not understand now, we will see everything happens for a reason and even the tragedy was a part of the ultimate plan.

Just last Friday, on the 5th of February in 2016, MarShawn was honored with the Hometown Hero Award at the NAACP Image Awards for his community project Pursuing Our Dreams (POD). Pursuing Our Dreams was a project that developed mentorships at recreation centers around Columbus, which led to the following project known as Feed the Streets which distributed free lunches to those in need once a month.

As activists, we naturally bear the weight of the world, even if not in actuality we feel this way whether we want to or not, it is inherent for us to feel things that others cannot even look at, to be empathic, to feel so deeply that we take the issues that oppress others and we make those issues our own issues. MarShawn did this every day of his life, he took in other's issues, and made those issues his own. At 19, MarShawn himself became homeless, and when he reached a point in his life where he could give back, he took every opportunity to give. Sometimes we give so much of ourselves away to causes, we tend to lose sight of ourselves, the idea that we are so concerned with fixing other's problems, we forget about our own issues, we forget about ourself. Activism in itself is self-sacrificing work, it is so hard to go out every day and stand up against an overwhelming system, and on top of it all, to be a Black man within a system that not only disproportionately oppresses Blacks in general, but a system that holds a specific prejudice against Strong Black Men. A system that is so infiltrated and built upon White supremacy, that to be a black activist standing up against a racist system that is managed predominantly by White men, a system created primarily by White men, and a system which benefits primarily white men, being a Black man and standing up against this system in itself is tiring beyond what most can even fathom. 
Marshawn sacrificed himself for the cause, but his sacrifice is not what the cause needed, rather it was his voice we needed, his ideas, his beliefs, his words, we needed him. MarShawn gave himself wholeheartedly so much so that he may have lost himself within the everyday struggle that is life, the struggle that is activism, the process of prioritizing other's problems above our own, then to have to remain strong throughout the entire process, to have to be the one there for yourself and others, feeling like you cannot shed a tear, like you have to be the one to hold it all together; the stress involved, the feeling of helplessness, the overwhelming loss of self. 
Martin Luther King Jr. had Coretta Scott King by his side through the thick and thin, he had people around him all the time, people who cared for him and stood up when he was in his darkest points of life, and Martin was even sent a letter to the FBI which asked suggested he commit suicide, luckily he did not follow through. Like Martin, MarShawn had his family, his friends, his community, but at the end of the day sometimes all the support in the world isn't enough, sometimes it has nothing to do with our families or friends but instead has everything to do with ourselves. Who we are at the core of it all, in the calm when we are alone with our own thoughts, and sometimes no matter what anyone does, we are unable to withdraw ourselves from the moments in time that seems so overwhelming we are unable to bear the burden of love, especially when we feel completely helpless as we go up against a system that sometimes seems like we are facing insurmountable odds, this is where the community has to come in and let their leaders know, they got their backs. MarShawn was a mentor to young kids in his neighborhood, but where was McCarrel's mentor?

McCarrel was there for others his entire life, and sometimes we give so much, we give too much of ourselves away. We completely forget about our own self-worth, our own value, we forget our life matters. Sometimes it feels like what we are doing is for nothing, sometimes it feels like our efforts are futile. Nobody is at fault, no blame should be passed around, rather, we should ask ourselves how can we ensure other activists like MarShawn don't feel alone? How can we make sure people like MarShawn have someone they can talk to other than their pastor or local church groups? 

MarShawn had such a big heart, the kid loved unconditionally, when you listen to this song written by his mom, you can see so much emotion and love in his lyrics, MarShawn was such a talented young man, he was such an upstanding American and a Leader.

This video of MC Carrel was to his Mom, a woman who raised an extraordinary man and a woman who's son left a lasting impact on the world, a man who will never be forgotten, all because of this amazing woman raised a wonderful family.

The Man

This song actually gives a lot of insight, it shows just how hard MarShawn was on himself. MarShawn was his own worst enemy (as most of us are) while being exemplary, upstanding and real, all while feeling a sense of guilt when it comes to not showing the love we all want to show our parents. Sometimes, it can be so hard to put our pride aside and open up, it's hard to not feel like you are letting down the ones you love so much when you expect too much from yourself. Leaders are leaders because they take the burdens of others, and make other's problems our own, to be an artists, to feel so deeply, to expect so much from yourself, to be so intelligent and yet feel like there is nowhere to direct that energy, feeling helpless all the time, simply because we feel like we should be changing the world, when in reality it never seems like we are doing anything, because we never truly know the impact we have on other's lives. We never understand the impact we make, the differences we make in other's lives until we are gone, until we have the ability to look back on our achievements and what we have done, it is not easy to go day after day spending all of our money, giving all our energy to better everyone else's lives when you give and give and give, you tend to feel like you have nothing to show for it, because people who go out and give do not get paid to do so. So while we have zero dollars in our bank accounts, we do not have nice cars, or a house, because we are so focused on helping others we would rather than nothing until everybody else has something, is it right to feel this way? maybe not, but the point is, this is how it feels to be an activist, this is how it feels to take on the excess burden that so many others ignore. While we stand and fight against the trauma, the hate, the fire that burns us, we internalize this pain so deeply that we would never want to give that pain away to someone else, because we know if it is this hard for us to bear this pain, then imagine what it would be like for others to bear this pain, imagine what it would be like for someone who is truly sensitive, who truly cannot stand seeing kids starving, seeing junkies feeling, or having to worry about other people's problems when you yourself are unable to deal with your own, that is why people like MarShawn take these battles on, because we know other's cannot handle it, so we take it on for ourselves so others do not have to handle it; it is the least we can do.

The loss of MarShawn reminds just how important Mental Health is, and it goes to show how often mental health is misunderstood or unacknowledged in the Black community, not because of the black community, but due to the lack of seriousness from the Medical community in regards to Black Men's mental health, it is simply not taken seriously. Simply enough, Black men are not taken seriously in our society, which in its simplest form stems from the same problems that cause systemic racism in the first place, White Supremacy. Our entire system is based on White Supremacy and this has resulted in entire generations of Black men and women being completely oppressed and forgotten. Ultimately, it is this White supremacy that has led to the death of hundreds of thousands, whether at the hand of the system or by their own hands and until we address the White Supremacy at the root of it all, we will never move forward as a nation.

Listen to his words, say his name, take time out of Your life to understand the man behind the words. MarShawn was an angel, and the time he spent with us, was a blessing. 

The Amazing Poet

"I need a pistol that shoots hope. 
I would light the hood up." 

"He was always writing, even as a boy, even in church.

MarShawn M. McCarrel II was driven to record his thoughts about the world and relate his own experience in a search for common ground.

He wrote poems, rapped lyrics, hollered through bullhorns at Statehouse rallies. The methods of his delivery varied, but the calls for social justice and unity didn't waver.

That's what McCarrel's admirers talked about on Tuesday — his voice, and their shared sadness that he chose to silence it."

Source: The Dispatch - Theodore Decker

MarShawn McCarrel The Activist

"This footage was taken primarily during an Ohio Student Association protest rally during October and December 2014, at the Ohio Statehouse Capitol Square in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Video was taken in wake of the tragic killings of John Crawford and Mike Brown. McCarrell had just been presented an NAACP Image Award a few days prior, but MarShawn McCarrel tragically took his own life with a gun at the age of 23 on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse 02/08/16. Rest in Power....................... Footage was personally shot by Aaron Thomas of Monastic Arts."

MarShawn at an Unafraid Together Rally in Ohio

MarShawn McCarrell of Pursuing Our Dream and Ohio Student Association, performing his piece, entitled "The Revolutionaries" at the Ohio Statehouse on October 2nd, 2013. 

"Feed The Streets" (POD)

Feed the Streets

Pursuing Our Dreams

MarShawn McCarrel left at such a young age, yet he leaves behind so much good, to be so young and leave behind such a huge legacy of love. That is what everyone will remember about MarShawn, even for those who did not personally know him.

Why do Tupac's words still ring so true today? 

This is where I want to remind others, that no matter how hard things get, no matter how dark things seem, no matter how worthless and helpless we feel, we are neither helpless or worthless, rather we are just going through the struggle for now, but things will change in time, as my dad told me, "as an activist, you have to weather the storm, sure your bank account might be empty, but your Karma Bank is stacked." and the amount of Good Karma that was stored up in MarShawn's bank made him richer than any man or woman on earth. Whether he realized it or not, MarShawn was rich in mind, body, and soul even if physically he was not where he wanted to be. This is what we have to realize, we have to go through this trauma, this pain, this anguish because it is teaching us what we need to know, it is giving us the tools we need moving forward in life, without those experiences, those tools we will not have the experience we need to fall back on later on in life. Once we weather the storm, we will realize that no matter how rough it gets, there is a light at the end of our tunnel, we will be successful, and we will achieve our goals, in time. Patience is a virtue, and no matter what happened with MarShawn, his life, his ideas, his dreams will forever live on, and his activism will not go in vein. MarShawn McCarrel will forever live on in the minds of the ones who loved him most, and hopefully, we can take this as a sign that it is a time we start the Mental Health conversation
Everyone has thought about suicide in one way or another, if they have not thought about committing suicide they have probably met someone who has thought or spoke about it, maybe attempted it, sadly some may even know people who have lost their battles with depression, anxiety, or other ailments, yet some individuals out there are the reason that other people are still here. I personally have lost a number of friends to suicide and have had my own dealings throughout my own life, and personally I learned it is not worth it because of seeing first hand the effect it has and does not have, in that when we take our own lives we kill our message, we take out any potential message we may have developed had we kept on pushing, and this is the part that is sincerely tragic, the what ifs...

If you are ever feeling suicidal or lost, reach out to someone close to you, tell them, and get them to feel what you are feeling so you can realize, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If we can take the time to understand we are not alone and just reach out, not to social media but reach out to a real friend, someone we love and someone who loves us, someone who may not even seem like they care, maybe if we reach out to just someone, we can intervene within those short moments of darkness and bring ourselves out of the darkness, it's hard at the moment, with everything going on at that time, but ultimately if we can just take a breath and call someone, text someone, anyone, chances are it would be better than internalizing the emotion. We must understand it is okay to feel helpless, it is okay to have bad days, it is okay to feel doubtful at times, but it is the knowledge that this too shall pass and we must hold on until the storm passes. Things will get better everywhere because we are here.
My thoughts, condolences, and overwhelming gratitude go out to MarShawn McCarrel's family.

The Son, The Man, The Human Being

"Remember to keep yourself alive, there is nothing more important than that."
-Afeni Shakur

If you ever need any help but feel like you cannot talk to someone, I want to leave this information for you, or maybe someone you know. 
I know it may seem weird to reach out to someone we do not know, but sometimes it is talking to someone totally outside of our bubble that can help put things in perspective, and it is absolutely worth a try even if you do not THINK it will help, I have called these places before and honestly, they can be great knowledge bases to help you understand more about suicide and mental health issues, and a lot of the time the people you are speaking to is someone who has dealt with suicide first hand and they genuinely understand the struggle. Just give it a try.

National Suicide 

Prevention Lifeline

Need help? United States:
1 (800) 273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Languages: English, Spanish
From time to time, you may encounter a person who is expressing thoughts of suicide on your social media sites. If someone you know online is showing any of these warning signs, it is important that you post a message encouraging them to call the Lifeline. If you are friends with the person in real life or know where the person is, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) so that you can talk to a crisis counselor.
  • Writing about wanting to die or to kill oneself.
  • Writing about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live.
  • Writing about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain.
  • Writing about being a burden to others.
  • Writing about seeking revenge.

Contact Safety Teams at Social Media Sites:

  • Facebook: Click here to anonymously report someone as suicidal on Facebook. A member of Facebook’s Safety Team will send the user an e-mail with the Lifeline number and possibly a link to chat with Lifeline counselor.
  • Twitter: Click here and select “Self-Harm” to send an e-mail to Twitter reporting a suicidal user. Twitter will send the user a direct message with the Lifeline number.
  • MySpace: Click on the “Report Abuse” link that appears at the bottom of every MySpace page and completes the form. MySpace will then send an e-mail to the MySpace user with the Lifeline number.
  • YouTube: To report suicidal content, click on the flag icon on a video and select “Harmful Dangerous Acts” and then “Suicide or Self-Injury.” YouTube will then review the video and may send a message to the user that uploaded the video with the Lifeline number.
  • Tumblr: Click here to write an e-mail to Tumblr about a suicidal user. Include as much information as possible including the URL of the Tumblr blog. A member of Tumblr’s Safety Team will send the user an e-mail with the Lifeline number.

Get More Help:

Speaking to a therapist or attending a support group can help you work through your grief and improve your overall mental health. The following resources can help you find a psychologist, psychiatrist or support group near you.
Having a plan in place that can help guide you through difficult moments can make a difference and keep you safe.
Risk factors are characteristics that make it more likely that an individual will consider, attempt, or die by suicide.

Dedicated to Marshawn. Big Ups. 
May You Rest In Power My Brother in Arms

Beyonce's new song is Pro-Black and America needs more Pro-Black everything.

(Parental Advisory-Explicit Lyrics)

We as a country need more Formation and less trap queens, in a world where Activists and whistleblowers are targeted and labeled by the government as Extremists or Terrorists the job of Activism has fallen on the shoulders of the Black artists, entertainers, athletes, and Upper Class Black communities to take the time to put out music, art, movies, television, books, and any other medium that is not just fun, but has a message, is meaningful and makes voices heard who are otherwise silenced and Formation is Activism to a Beat. 
"Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess Paparazzi, catch my fly, and my cocky fresh"
Sitting atop a New Orleans Police car, while it is submerged in flood waters.
I am tired of seeing or hearing White people get angry when the Black Community says or does anything in support of their own Race and Culture, it is a time they have proper representation readily available on every TV station, News network, Movie production, Music Channel, and everything in between.
Disproportionately the Black community is misrepresented and ultimately forced into a mold anytime they are on TV, the Radio, Media, Movies, Art, and so on and so forth. What Beyonce` has done with Formation is set in motion what other artists, celebrities, and sports stars such as J. Cole, Talib Kweli, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Marshawn Lynch, John Legend, Common and many more have done, and sadly the burden to become the representation and voices for the Black community ultimately rests on the shoulders of the Black leadership which in more cases than not are the Musicians, Athletes, Actors and Actresses, only recently have you seen Neil Tyson Degrasse come in as a prominent Black man in Science, it was not until 2009 that Disney actually made a Black Disney Princess, and that is one very small example. White people have been in the limelight since we have been the ones pointing the lights at ourselves, in theaters built by slaves on land we stole, in a world that was never ours to begin with, yet here we are in 2016 and there is actual outcry about Beyonce` properly representing and sticking up for her race. Are you kidding me?
"My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bamma I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils Earned all this money but they never take the country out me"

"Best Revenge Is Your Paper"
How often do you see Black families on TV? how often do you hear music put out by Black people that are done by themselves without interjection from a White industry label? Black Americans are forced into a mold that was built for them by White Americans, and until we address this and "unpack this baggage" that is White Privilege, we will walk blindly through the world never realizing how devastating our own actions may be to others.
The lyrics in Formation are Real, unapologetic and Raw, for a reason, because there is no reason to withhold anymore, and Beyonce stepping up to make that clear is what so many need to hear. White people all over America need to hear how beautiful Baby Hair and Afros are, how gorgeous Melanated people are, and it is time artists, entertainers, politicians, police, and everyone in between stand up and force change. To raise questions about the nature of the Socio-economic strain and oppression placed on Black people in America. Formation is a nod of the head to others telling them to break the mold, showing it sometimes starts with one voice who is motivated by multiple small voices all screaming out at the same time about the same thing, and Black Empowerment, that is the Black Liberation and Empowerment Movement has never stopped because Civil, Social, and Communal Rights are not what they should be to this day. 
You just might be a
black Bill Gates in the making,
cause I slay I just might
be a black Bill Gates in the making
"Stop Shooting Us"

Do you know how many Black kids in poverty need to hear even the idea of a Black Bill Gates? 
Do you understand what it is like just to hear "You just might be a black Bill Gates in the making"?
Bey slays the social stigmas, because she breaks down the barriers, YOU might just have the opportunity to Finally be the Black Bill Gates, and to be perfectly honest we need more Black Bill Gates and less White Bill Gates, especially considering when you look at the richest people in the world they are all White. 
Furthermore, how often do you see Black people represented the way that Beyonce's Formation represents them? 
How often do you see the support of Black families in our American Culture?
How often do you see Black kids portrayed as thugs for breaking replaceable facades and windows, simply to draw attention to the irreplaceable Black lives that are being unlawfully taken from us? Meanwhile, the same news channel portraying black kids as thugs only hours later will do a report that portrays white college students who destroy entire hotels, burn up cars, break windows and facades simply in a drunken rage, as "dumb kids being kids". Formation is standing up not only against this culture of violence and White supremacy that are systemic and systematic forms of oppression, but it is standing up for Black Culture as a whole and it is calling upon the people of America to form a better union that not only supports Black Americans but affords them the same privileges and opportunities that are offered to White people, and if you are unaware of these privileges as a white person, I will point you in the direction of Peggy McIntosh and her papers, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack(1990), and White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to see Correspondences Through Work in Women's Studies(1988), or her Ted Talk "How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion": Peggy McIntosh any one of these will help any person understand more the privileges that are or are not afforded to you simply based on the Skin or Gender you are born into, I am not saying there are not more factors, I am not saying there are less, I am merely pointing out the factors that I feel are important to better understanding why this Song and Video is Historic for the Black community, and why it should be embraced, accepted, fostered and cultivated to push a message that we all need to hear more often, until things change, and even then we should love, adopt, and embrace Black Culture.

The Truth is, the message would never have to be conveyed had it already been conveyed by the leadership that is supposed to convey it, instead, the burden has fallen on the shoulders of Entertainers to stand up and go outside of their normal status to call attention to the issues that are ultimately leading to the deaths, and mass incarceration, ruining of families, destruction of culture, and overall oppression of an entire Racial group.

Beyonce is acting as the Matriarch of the Black Community in this song, and in due to the overall oppression of the Black communities in America, as Moynihan had pointed out in his 1965 report on Black Families in America which was intended to alert the Government as to the impending damage that will be done to black families by centuries of sometimes unimaginable mistreatment as well as the racist virus in the American bloodstream, which would continue to oppress Black families long into the future. As the Atlantic pointed out in their Article The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration, "Moynihan believed that at the core of all these problems lay a black family structure mutated by white oppression." Moynihan went on to write,
"In essence, the Black community has been forced into a matriarchal structure which, because it is so out of line with the rest of the American society, seriously retards the progress of the group as a whole, and imposes a crushing burden on the Black male and, in consequence, on a great many Black women as well."
In Moynihan's eyes, it was this matriarchal structure that took away the opportunity from black men to be Fathers, to be there for their children, to be the bread-winners in a time when Men were the main providers of the family. It was this destruction of the Black family unit that led up to the most important passage of the Moynihan Report which reads,

"In a word, most Black youth are in danger of being caught up in the tangle of pathology that affects their world, and probably a majority are so entrapped. Many of those who escape do so for one generation only: as things now are, their children may have to run the gauntlet all over again. That is not the least vicious aspect of the world that white America has made for the Black American."
Currently, the United States makes up less than 5% of the world's population, but holds about 25% of its incarcerated individuals, and that rate doubled from 1975-1985, doubled again from 1985-1995, and by 2007 the numbers reached 767 incarcerated individuals for every 100,000 citizens for a total increase of seven times.  According to the same Atlantic article mentioned earlier, 

"In 2000, one in 10 black males between the ages of 20 and 40 was incarcerated—10 times the rate of their white peers. In 2010, a third of all black male high-school dropouts between the ages of 20 and 39 were imprisoned, compared with only 13 percent of their white peers."
White America has neglected Black America for far too long, and Formation is here to not only remind us of that but to remind us that if we do not change now, our society will continue to fall deeper into hate, fear, irrational behavior, and oppression of all. Furthermore, it is this idea presented by Moynihan that I would like to end on, 
"The fact that the Black American has survived at all is extraordinary—a lesser people might simply have died out, as indeed others have… But it may not be supposed that the Black American community has not paid a fearful price for the incredible mistreatment to which it has been subjected over the past three centuries."
As I end this article, I would like to leave you with these thoughts, is it any person's business what another person does? who is one person to tell another how they should or should not live? When an entire race of people have been oppressed and ultimately subjected to mistreatment, misrepresentation, and not to mention enslavement, it is probable that the group will need a number of things along the way to better access opportunity. Generally, it is understood that after a population of people are suppressed, murdered, and pushed to the brink of extinction they will need help to get back on their feet, however that also takes admitting these people were treated the way they were, so solutions may be presented to the problems as they are discovered, and although the Jewish people lost 7 million people during the Holocaust, they received reparations from Germany and even received their own Country after the holocaust ended, not to mention a majority of the German Soldiers responsible were either jailed or killed for their crimes. However, historically it is understood that 30,000,000 or more Black people died during Slavery just on the Boats coming over to America, and not only were the oppressors not punished, they were given complete and utter freedom after the civil war to continue with slavery as well as their methodology in regards to treatment of Black Americans, and lynchings, rapes, murders were commonplace in the North and South while police turned a blind eye, so much so that the Federal Government had to step in at one time, however that was short lived, and the oppression has lasted ever since slowly but surely through the acts of people like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Angela Davis, Harriet Tubman, Andrew Young, Cornel West, Marian Wright Edelman, Coretta Scott King and so many more the oppression has eroded away little by little, yet we have not achieved anywhere near the level we could if White people would just stop being so damn hateful, ignorant, and stubborn, but would instead just accept, foster, and cultivate for and in support of the Black American's cause rather than constantly try to control the narrative of their road to Civil Rights, Empowerment, Liberation, and Freedom. Due to the fact that we live in a day and age when activists are jailed and seen as criminals, and People of Color who are practicing activists are considered 'Terrorists', the job of activism has fallen on the shoulders of those who cannot lose the respect of their endearing fans, the entertainers, the athletes, the Black American Leaders; that is People like Beyonce`. 

Until we stand up and support our Melanated Brothers and Sisters, we as a country will never move forward.

An interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates, exploring the myth of black criminality.

The civil rights movement never ended, because ain't shit changed, and it is the time that change comes, whether the world likes it or not.
Speaks for Itself

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The Empire Files: The Empire's Border Part I - A Policy of Death- (Large View)

Along the southern border of the United States is a graveyard, where hundreds upon hundreds of human remains are waiting to be found in the sand. They are teenagers, mothers and spouses walking the only path available to them—away from poverty and violence: towards their families, the only place safer and easier to eat. In Part 1 of this two-part series, Abby Martin reveals a catastrophe at the Empire's gates; not only a shockingly high body count, but a humanitarian crisis manufactured by the U.S. government. Sinister tactics, a for-profit prison pipeline, and a court system that looks more like a slave auction than a trial await those who survive. Join The Empire Files on-location to learn how Border Patrol has turned land into a weapon, to take the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors.

The Empire Files: The Empire's Border Part II - A Hidden War-(Large View)

In the second installment of this two-part episode, Abby Martin continues her investigation of the hidden war on the U.S.-Mexico border, looking at the root causes of the epidemic of migrant deaths. The Empire Files documents an inflated, paramilitary Border Patrol, the devastating impacts of NAFTA, how the U.S. Empire benefits from immigrant labor and what can change the equation.
Featuring interviews with Todd Miller, author of 'Border Patrol Nation', and Araceli Rodriguez, mother of Jose Antonio, a 16-year-old boy murdered by Border Patrol. Source:

(Download Video or Audio at Links Provided)

Part I (Mobile View)

Part II- (Mobile View)

Researchers should be weary of the supposed Zika Microcephaly Link.

According to an article published by Frontline,
"In search of better evidence, Tenório and several colleagues flew to Belém in January to meet with officials from the CDC. The agency had developed a test that could determine if a baby had been infected with the Zika virus by looking for a specific antibody in the baby’s cerebral-spinal fluid. This is not a new method of testing, but it was being newly applied to Zika. The test is not yet commercially available, but the CDC explained the methodology to Tenório and her colleagues, and upon their return, they tested samples of 12 babies whose spinal fluid had been collected shortly after birth. They all tested positive. 
This test works better than others because it is looking for an antibody called immunoglobulin M, the largest antibody humans produce. It is too large to pass from mother to child, so researchers can be confident that it is an antibody produced by the baby — and can therefore infer that the baby was infected with Zika while en utero.
Its presence in the cerebrospinal fluid is key for two additional reasons, Tenório said. It indicates the virus is making its way into the nervous system, and the baby’s immune system is battling it there. And second, while immunoglobulin M disappears from the bloodstream within weeks of an infection, it remains present in the cerebrospinal fluid for months or longer. This means the antibody can be detected at birth.While her colleagues are launching a controlled study to further investigate the Zika-microcephaly link in babies, Tenório is using the CDC test for 28 more infants with suspected or confirmed microcephaly. She said she hopes to have the results by Friday, before most work in Brazil stops for the national Carnival celebrations."

Being that zika was deposited by Rockefeller foundation, they could've just developed it, and then deposited it with a backstory attached. Letting the world hold onto it until a later date when it may be "needed" to help create serums for vaccines. The thing about zika is there really isn't enough research on Zika specifically to even know what the antigens specific to zika are, or if there are specific antigens when it comes to zika. Considering, most of the studies have been done on West Nile, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and other forms of viruses. There are so many red flags that pop up when you look into Zika and what is known about it. Meaning the IgM antibody specific to Zika is also unknown, so the
"test that works better than others because it is looking for an antibody called immunoglobulin M", 
isn't really telling researchers anything because IgM being present merely represents that the body has gone through or is recovering from some sort of infection, virus, illness, etc. Antibodies(Such as Immunoglobulin M or IgM for short) are substances made by the body's immune system in response to bacteria, viruses, fungus, animal dander, or cancer cells. Antibodies attach to the foreign substances so the immune system can destroy them.
IgM literally is the first responder antibody. IgM is produced most strongly after a person's initial exposure to a new invader, a New Invader could be just about any virus, not necessarily Zika Virus. For example, the new invader could be Toxoplasmosis, which is Highly prevalent in Brazil and the Americas, as is a number of other "invaders" which can cause a false positive in the tests, just because IgM is present does not mean it is present because of Zika, as we are shown by Nikos Vasilakis and Mike Diamond in an article recently published by The Scientist stated,
"More user-friendly serologic tests, which measure the presence of antibodies against a particular pathogen, would be a better alternative, but in the case of Zika it’s been difficult to tell which flavivirus a person has encountered—whether dengue, Zika, or another."
And we go on to gain more clarity from Mike Diamond who is an immunobiologist out of Washington University in St. Louis,
“And the problem is, where Zika is occurring is the same place dengue is occurring,”
In a review published by a Vaccination company and its affiliates, they describe 
"the implementation of an immunoinformatics-driven approach to systematically search for key determinants of immunity in newly available genome sequence data used to design vaccines. They claim this approach holds promise for the development of 21st century vaccines, improving human health everywhere." 
With the main point being We Must Choose a New Path to discovering, sequencing, and producing Vaccines, to ensure they are safe but overall directly address the issues they are developed to address.

a 1EpiVax, Inc., 146 Clifford St, Providence, RI 02903, USA
b 2Institute for Immunology and Informatics, University of Rhode Island, 80 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903, USA
c 3Smith College, Northampton, MA, USA


Moving forward we also find a history of False-positive results when using the Platelia Toxo IgM test, and this test highlighted the importance of appropriate evaluation of commercial tests that are currently being marketed. 
"False-positive results in immunoglobulin M (IgM) toxoplasma antibody tests and importance of confirmatory testing: the Platelia Toxo IgM test.These results reveal high numbers of false-positive results in the Platelia Toxo IgM test and highlight the importance of appropriate evaluation of commercial tests that are currently being marketed. Our results also emphasize the importance of confirmatory testing to determine whether the results of an IgM antibody test reflect the likelihood of a recently acquired infection."

In fact, the only known part of the Zika Virus that is Mapped, and specifically known to scientists is the Zika Virus Partial Envelope Protein.
Which means researchers have yet to even map the actual pathogen associated with Zika Virus, yet companies are racing to create vaccines which will more than likely give False-positives considering all the potential Viruses, Illnesses, and infections that come with living in a Tropical Climate to begin with, for example, testing a person who has had Dengue fever can throw off a False-positive for these tests, as could someone who is fighting off Toxoplasmosis, with Toxoplasmosis being so prevalent in these regions the type of test they are using will not tell them whether or not a person has Zika Virus, instead it will only tell them that "yes, they have fought off some sort of infection within the past few months". 

A major problem with Toxoplasma-specific IgM testing is lack of specificity. Two situations occur frequently: 
i) persons with a positive IgM but negative IgG, and 
ii) individuals with positive IgG and IgM results. In the first situation, a positive IgM result with a negative IgG result in the same specimen should be viewed with great suspicion; the patient's blood should be redrawn two weeks after the first and tested together with the first specimen. 
If the first specimen was drawn very early after infection, the patient should have highly positive IgG and IgM antibodies in the second sample. If the IgG is negative and the IgM is positive in both specimens, the IgM result should be considered to be a false positive and the patient should be considered to be not infected. In the second situation, a second specimen should be drawn and both specimens submitted together to a reference lab which employs a different IgM testing system for confirmation. 

However, the babies showing raised levels of IgM in their Spinal Fluid are merely showing that their body has been fighting off some sort of infection, virus, etc. but it in no way definitively points to Zika Virus as the culprit. Furthermore, the Phylogenies identified in relation to Zika include Mosquito-borne, tick-borne and No-known-Vector virus clades, which in layman's terms basically means there is a Phylogenetic branch of the Zika Virus partial envelope protein or outer shell of the zika virus, that has no known origin, meaning they do not know where this NKV virus came from. However, what they do know about the NKV Partial Envelope Protein is that it originated from three known groups, two were associated with Bats and the third is associated with Rodents, meaning we have a virus that has its origins from two species of bats and a rodent, this points to some serious mutations occurring in the environment, or it points to the virus being ramped up under laboratory conditions.

Zika virus partial envelope protein

These phylogenies identified mosquito-borne, tick-borne and no-known-vector (NKV) virus clades, which could be further subdivided into clades defined by their principal vertebrate host.The No-known-Vector NKV flaviviruses formed three distinct groups: one group, which was closely related to the mosquito-borne viruses, associated with bats; a second group, which was more genetically distant, also associated with bats; and a third group associated with rodents. Each epidemiological group within the phylogenies revealed distinct geographical clusters in either the Old World or the New World, which for mosquito-borne viruses may reflect an Old World origin. The correlation between epidemiology, disease correlation and biogeography begins to define the complex evolutionary relationships between the virus, vector, vertebrate host and ecological niche.Phylogenetic relationships of flaviviruses correlate with their epidemiology, disease association and biogeography.
Gaunt MW., Sall AA., de Lamballerie X., Falconar AK., Dzhivanian TI., Gould EA.
Pathogen Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Unit, Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT, UK.
J. Gen. Virol. 82(Pt 8): 1867-1876 (2001 Aug)

In an article published by the Arbovirus Research Unit out of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, it was found that in the process of detecting Zika virus there were specific Antigens found within the nuclei or nucleoli of cells infected with Zika or Langat Virus, which could mean some researchers are making headway in discovering the specific pathogen that is the Zika Virus, however even in this study there could be a confusion between Zika and Langat Virus infections, since Langat Virus (LGTV) is a virus of the genus Flavivirus, and for the first time was isolated in Malaysia and Thailand, and is closely related to Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus, Kyasanur forest disease virus, Alkhurma virus, Louping ill virus and the tick-borne encephalitis virus(TBEV), however the Langat virus does not pose significant epidemiological threat in comparison to TBEV, again showing the Zika Virus is allusive in capture and isolation.
"The unexpected presence of virus-specific antigen in the nuclei or nucleoli of Zika or Langat virus-infected cells brings into question the role of the nucleus in flavivirus replication."
Buckley A1, Gould EA.

This opens our eyes to see that even in the process of studying Zika, Zika itself is not studied alone, furthermore, this shows the lack of study that has been done on Zika, as we are again seeing it grouped in with other viruses. Yes, Zika is a Flavivirus related to Yellow Fever, Dengue, West Nile, and Japanese encephalitis viruses, however it is not the same, and it is so much different that the Zika Envelope Protein currently being used to develop Vaccines and IgM Zika ELISA kits, are ultimately useless and just another way for companies to make money now, rather than trying to actually solve the problem for later. This is where things get a little out of control, Zika was never detected outside of Asia or Africa until 2007. 

In 2007 ZIKV caused an outbreak of relatively mild disease characterized by rash, arthralgia, and conjunctivitis (currently known symptoms of ZIKV) on Yap Island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. This was the first time that ZIKV was detected outside of Africa and Asia. The history, transmission dynamics, virology, and clinical manifestations of ZIKV disease are discussed, along with the possibility for diagnostic confusion between ZIKV illness and dengue.The emergence of ZIKV outside of its previously known geographic range should prompt awareness of the potential for ZIKV to spread to other Pacific islands and the Americas.
Approximate known distribution of Zika virus, 1947–2007. The red circle represents Yap Island. Yellow indicates human serologic evidence; red indicates virus isolated from humans; green represents mosquito isolates.

So regardless of all the unknown factors, regardless of the fact that researchers have failed to take the time to properly address, sequence, and catalog Zika Virus they are still attempting to develop a vaccine for a Virus they don't even know anything about. Yet even with all this knowledge, it has not stopped companies from selling serologic Zika tests, which are testing for things like the NS1 protein that is prevalent in influenza and Dengue Fever cases, as well as the Zika envelope protein, which is about all that has been sequenced and ultimately "known" about Zika.

We heard from Michael Diamond MD. now let us hear from Vasilakis MD,

"Vasilakis is in the process of validating an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that could pick up on immunoglobulin M (IgM) antibodies—which can persist in serum for several weeks after an infection—against Zika. Although it may cross-react to some degree with other infections, a higher concentration of Zika-specific antibodies could indicate a recent Zika infection, Vasilakis said."


Furthermore, there has been reports that the Zika Envelope Protein is a "stealth protein" and therefore, has a Poorly Immunogenic, Immunogenic is relating to or denoting substances able to produce an immune response, 

Zika envelope is a ‘stealth protein’

Persistence of Virus-Reactive Serum Immunoglobulin M
Antibody in Confirmed West Nile Virus Encephalitis Cases


Twenty-nine laboratory-confirmed West Nile virus (WNV) encephalitis patients were bled serially so that WNV-reactive immunoglobulin (Ig) M activity could be determined. Of those patients bled, 7 (60%) of 12 had anti-WNV IgM at approximately 500 days after onset. Clinicians should be cautious when interpreting serologic results from early season WNV IgM-positive patients.


A new virus is on the loose and everyone would love to be the company to create the new "golden vaccine" and rather than conducting the proper research ahead of time companies wait until the last minute to start studying, sequencing, and mapping the viruses that they know have a potential to affect people. The odd part is that it is Zika, and the fact that NKV Zika even exists raises questions about how much we truly know about Zika, is it possible these viruses, these diseases are being created, or better yet "ramped up" in a laboratory setting and then being released on the population for what some companies see as benefits? 

The vaccine companies get to work on a "new cure" but nothing that will actually cure anything major like Aids, or Cancer, but it puts them to work keeping the grant money flowing in, and the ones who own the patents such as University of Texas who patented a method to address the Flavivirus and Flaviviridae type of viruses, meaning they will have first stab at a vaccine, as we saw with Nikos Vasilakis from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and Mike Diamond out of Washington University in St. Louis. One is developing a more user-friendly serologic test which measures the presence of antibodies to a particular pathogen, however it is hard to tell whether that pathogen comes from dengue, zika, or another virus because they don't even know what the Zika pathogen specifically is or what they are looking for, and these tests aim to figure that out, but are self-admittedly a problem for both researchers, as well as all researchers involved, and this is the problem with these tests, all of them may cross-react to some degree with other infections, because the test does not specifically test for the Zika Pathogen, because there either is no specific Zika pathogen, or Researchers have been unable to find it since 1947.

So, before you believe these claims that Zika Virus is some new disease affecting Brazil, we must take a look at the evidence which presents itself, such as Oxitec GM Mosquitos(as we mentioned in articles prior to this) which very well may have introduced the Virus into the population of Brazil. The overwhelming evidence that until 2007 or exactly 50 years after the discovery of Zika it had not shown up anywhere besides Africa or Asia, yet somehow made its' way to Yap Island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean where it caused an outbreak of "relatively mild disease" with no reported cases of Microcephaly, again pointing to the lack of evidence needed to link Microcephaly and Zika. The question should not be, "how can we link microcephaly and Zika?", instead the question should be "what known viruses or illnesses have caused Microcephaly cases in the past?" because Zika has not.

All and all
moving forward we should be extremely cautious about the purchase of any potential "tests" or "vaccines" as they stand, because there is not a single shred of evidence to prove that these Researchers even know what it is they are looking or testing for. Until more information is provided no conclusions should be drawn, and Researchers should proceed with EXTREME CAUTION if they would like to maintain the Public's Trust, and Governments should watch what they say before they show their true intentions.
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